Different than You

Eid here, Diwali there
Gunshots here, Crackers there
Lugubriousness here, Joviality there
Wretchedness here, Exultation there
War here, Peace there
Tyranny here, Sovereignty there
Enuw to prove,
We are different, different than you.

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A Dream!

I see an army halting,

 I see the kids are free,

I see the Chinars smiling;

Its all a Dream!
Over all the sky–stars ,

The fields and woods shine,

The night ain’t sad;

Its all a Dream!
Blood –red roses blooming,

The grass singing and green,

No more carols of occupation;

Its all a Dream! 
Beautiful souls, the streets speak,

My happy home,

My sweet world;

Its all a Dream!

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I Shall Overcome

Early in the morning, I woke up when my sister screamed “Result chui dramut”–Results are out!
I got up and looked over for my name in the respective Merit List.

After scanning the whole list I felt like a fallen Corporal who works hard in a war but suffers a defeat in the end.

I saw people talking about my failure, I tried to be doughty but in a moment or two I found my eyes glistening with tears!
I tried to elude my family and relatives, and after two hours of hiatus I heard my relatives talking about my cousin and him being a hero, The milieu seemed to be aganist me!

But in the end, I managed to smile and it was the piéce de résistance.
Though, I didn’t fail I had a feeling that I’m a recidivist.

Now, I feel I should ignore the screeches and move on while saying “I shall Overcome”

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