I Shall Overcome

Early in the morning, I woke up when my sister screamed “Result chui dramut”–Results are out!
I got up and looked over for my name in the respective Merit List.

After scanning the whole list I felt like a fallen Corporal who works hard in a war but suffers a defeat in the end.

I saw people talking about my failure, I tried to be doughty but in a moment or two I found my eyes glistening with tears!
I tried to elude my family and relatives, and after two hours of hiatus I heard my relatives talking about my cousin and him being a hero, The milieu seemed to be aganist me!

But in the end, I managed to smile and it was the piéce de résistance.
Though, I didn’t fail I had a feeling that I’m a recidivist.

Now, I feel I should ignore the screeches and move on while saying “I shall Overcome”